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Constitution & By-Laws
of the

Southwest Coastal Area Local 917
American Postal Workers Union



ARTICLE 1 - Order of Business

SEC. 1. The order of business for this Area Local shall be:

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll call of officers-

4. Minutes of the previous general or special meet¬ing shall be submitted for approval. Minutes of the previous Executive Board meeting shall be read.

5. Report of officers, committees, and delegates.

6. Unfinished business.

7. New business and/or open forum.

8. Meeting adjourned.

9. Debate shall be limited to five (5) minutes per speaker. No person shall be permitted to speak more than once until every person has had a chance to speak. No person shall speak more than twice per issue.

SEC. 1A. This section would be in effect only dur¬ing nominations/elections of delegates or voting on Hearing Board recommendations.

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Roll call of officers.

4. Nominations/election of delegates or hearing Board results.

5. Approval of previous General Meeting minutes.

6. Reading or previous Executive Board minutes.

7. New business and/or open forum.

8. Meeting adjourned.

9. During Hearing Board results, debate shall be limited to fifteen (15) minutes for each party. The only parties who shall be allowed to debate will be the maker of the charges or their representative and the charged party or their representative.

SEC. 2. The order of business may be suspended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those mem¬bers present and voting at any regular meeting.

ARTICLE 2 - Rules of Order

In the absence of other authority, the delibera¬tions of this Area Local shall be governed by “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.”

ARTICLE 3 - Amendments

Amendments to these By-Laws may be made by the Executive Board.


In the Constitution, for the sake of brevity, the term “he” shall be understood to mean “he or she.”


Southwest Coastal Area Local

Sexual Harassment Policy

It is the policy of the Southwest Coastal Area Local that all members, stewards and officers are responsible for ensuring that the union is free from sexual harassment. Because of the Southwest Coastal Area Local's strong disapproval of offensive or inappropriate behavior, all members, stewards and officers must avoid any action or conduct which could be viewed as sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexually harassing nature.

Any member, steward or officer who has a complaint of sexual harassment by anyone, should first clearly inform the harasser that his/her behavior is offensive or unwelcome and request that the behavior stop. If the behavior continues, the member, steward or officer must immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Southwest Coastal Area Local. If the President is involved in the harassing activity, the violation should be reported to the Vice President of the Southwest Coastal Area Local.

The Southwest Coastal Area Local will take appropriate remedial action if deemed appropriate. In the event the person who was violated wishes to bring charges against the harasser, Article 15, Section 3(f) of the National APWU Constitution must be followed. This includes a 120 period from the date of the incident in which to file charges.

False allegations are serious as well and will be addressed.

Adopted May 31, 2014

This version of the Local Constitution (as amended July 31, 2014) has been voted upon as being the current and correct constitution by the following:

1)       General Membership
Executive Board
Constitution Committee
Budget Committee


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