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Local Union Address
1251 N. Tustin Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807-1603
(714) 666-1080 - Office
(714) 666-1701 - Fax
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Connie Billings, Vivian Dolor, Stan Fair, Sr., and John Gaffney

If you have a high school senior who would be interested in applying for the annual Connie Billings, Vivian Dolor, Stan Fair, Sr. & John Gaffney Scholarships.

Scholarship Request: Please send a letter with your name and the name of your mother, father, or guardian no later than July 5 to:

Attn: Scholarships
Southwest Coastal Area Local
1251 N. Tustin Avenue Suite C
Anaheim, CA 92807-1603.

To be eligible, the student must have a parent or guardian who is a member of the Southwest Coastal Area Local, APWU, AFL-CIO.

Four (4) $600.00 scholarship winners will be drawn at the July General Membership meeting.

Proof of acceptance by a college or university must be present before the scholarships can be awarded.


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