History of the Southwest Coastal Area Local

The history of our local is very important.  These were our local Presidents, and all worked full time for the union:

  1. John Gaffney from Orange Post Office 1973-1977 (Two-Year Term)
  2. Peter Katz from Newport Beach 1977-1979 (Two-Year Term)
  3. Bonnie Nelson from Huntington Beach 1979-1987 (One two-year Term and two three-year terms)
  4. Bobby Donelson from Santa Ana 1987 -1990 (One three-year term and a second 1-day term)
  5. Ralph Lefter from Santa Ana 1990-1996 (Two three-year term)
  6. Richard Cantu from Santa Ana 1996-1999 (One three-year term)
  7. Ralph Lefter from Santa Ana 1199-2005 (Two three-year term)
  8. James Chaing from Santa Ana 2005-2005 (Seven-Month term)
  9. Bobby Donelson from Santa Ana 2005-2011 (Three& half year term and a three-year term)
  10. Richard Cantu from Santa Ana 2011-2017 ((Two three-year term)
  11. Phil Khong from Santa Ana 2017-? Current president

Our local has been very active through the year with the Orange County Labor Council now the Orange County Labor Federation, the California State APWU organization and the regional and national union.

Members of our local have also served in other union capacities.

Matt Ogorek – APWU Hospital Plan Representative (appointed position)

Bobby Donelson – Western Region Maintenance NBA, National Maintenance Representative at Large, and National Assistant “A” Maintenance Director.  In addition, Bobby also served as a SCF Representative for the California State APWU.

Lenny Trujillo – San Francisco Region Clerk NBA.

Bruce Bailey – Western Region MVS NBA and California State MVS Director.

Richard Shepard – – Western Region Maintenance NBA and California State Maintenance NBA.

Mike Stinson, Frank Townsend, Richard Cantu, Walter Lovett, Kevin Cole, Bonnie Nelson, Isabelle Bailey, Bruce Bailey, Bobby Donelson, Richard Shepard, and Roosevelt Smith all have served as delegates to the Orange County Labor Council now the Orange County Labor Federation.

Bobby Donelson served National Rank and File Bargaining Committee two different time.

Bonnie Nelson, Ralph Lefter, Richard Cantu, and Bobby Donelson served the National Convention Constitution Committee.

This little bit of history is so our newer officers and members can know something about our local union.  I sincerely hope I did not miss anyone.

I was honored to serve at two different times as your local president and had two long time Southwest Coastal Area Local members working with me – Frank Townsend and Mike Stinson, as well as the support of the Southwest Coastal Area Local Executive Board.

One local accomplishment when Frank Townsend, Mike Stinson, and I along with the 2005-2011 Executive Board Members obtained was to purchase a local union office for our members without carrying a mortgage payment.

This has saved the local thousands and thousands of dollars over the year.

The membership in the Southwest Coastal Area Local increased to our peak of approximately 2300 members and then excessing, abolishment, early retirement, and automation caused our local to decrease to its current level of approximately 1400 members.

The Southwest Coastal Area Local was 45 years old on August 1, 2018.  We were formed as an area local in 1973.  Prior to that time each Postal Installation was a separate local union.

The Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter will be 14 years old on Monday, September 10, 2018.

The history of our local is very important










Bobby Donelson bd62748@aol.com 2045 So. June Place Anaheim, CA 92802 Phone: 714 750-3656 Cell: 714 206-2931 Postal Reorganization Act -Public Law 91-375 – August 12, 1970 Southwest Coastal Area Local Chartered – August 1, 1973 Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter Chartered – September 10, 2004

“We are not the Enemy”


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