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Brothers and Sisters:
There is no way the Retiree Department should be shrinking.  However, do the comments from some national officers and local presidents this what is happening.  In formation came from the National APWU’s LM 2 for 2013-2017.
2013 – 40,583 Retired Members
2014 – 39,721 Retired Members
2015 – 39,504 Retired Members
2016 – 38,908 Retired Members
2017 – 38,285 Retired Members
The constant attack on Retiree Issues at the National Convention does not serve the Retiree Members, Retiree Department, or Retiree Director.  Those close to retirement age are retiring but not joining the department.
We have far too many local union members (not all) who fear retirees and national officers (not all) who fear retirees.  They want to use retirees to support the union’s positions and provide “cheap labor” to do the work. 
The top three officers of the APWU have said retirees are important, yet fail to say the same in front of the convention.
The current philosophy to be seen but not hear must change.
Currently the retirees are a cash cow for the national union.  The retiree department after all expenses netted the APWU $2.408 million  for accounting periods 2016 and 2017, $2.419 million from 2014 and 2015, and  $2.459 million from 2013 and 2014.  This information is from the Convention Finance Committee Report.
What is not mentioned is the millions of dollars the retirees generate for the Health Plan fee that the union received which exceeded $21 millions dollars in 2016/2017.
Currently retirees’ years of service are not appreciated or respected.  
I predict if the APWU does not change its ways toward retirees’ membership in the Retiree Department will continue to decrease.  This truly a shame.
Eastern Regional Coordinator Mike Gallagher and Southwest Coastal Area Local Maintenance Director Will Khong comments at the 2018 National APWU Convention were hurtful and were an insult to retirees.
Retirees do belong at the APWU National Convention and deserve the right to speak on issues and vote for the issues.  The convention is not just for negotiated or collective bargaining issues.  If that was the case, then why did the APWU spend so much money on legislative issues and COPA.
Retirees want to stay involved

 “We are not the Enemy”
This is a message from a retiree:  As I expressed before this is not going to happen unless the higher officers of our National Union support the retirees. it will have a domino effect when leadership supports retirees until then we’re just the back roll trying to get the attention of the people on the platform. It starts with local presidents who support the retirees and not make excuses why they don’t. most retirees have a heart and a passion for the union because they loved it they have been union members their whole career some people once they leave and retire don’t look back and just keep going forward that’s the sadness that those are the ones that don’t support the retirees well they are active members. I’m going to continue to hold you up in prayer to give you strength and that all of us keep that Faith and Hope is this Union we love that will eventually allow retirees in to participate as requested.

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Postal Reorganization Act -Public Law 91-375 – August 12, 1970
Southwest Coastal Area Local Chartered – August 1, 1973
Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter Chartered – September 10, 200
“We are not the Enemy”

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