Robert’s Rules of Order Information

Below are a few documents in regards to Robert’s Rules of Order.  Our national union, local union , state union, retiree chapter, and many city councils use Robert’s Rules of Order to help move a meeting along and keep everyone on topic.


Robert’s Rule of Order Information

Robert’s Rule of Order Summary.1

Robert Rules of Order Information. 2

A few suggestions to make meetings flow better.

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We have found that the greatest barriers to being a good leader are internal. Sometimes people have ideas about what the role requires that get them into real trouble. You won’t go wrong, though, if you can put the following practices into play.

·        A leader must always keep an eye on “the aura.” It is too tempting, when we assume a position even slightly elevated above our fellows, to believe that we deserve it. This is never true. When your colleagues see you as endowed with special powers and abilities, enjoy their regard, but don’t be fooled into imagining that you are fundamentally better than they. 

·        A leader must actively, diligently, energetically seek out opinions that are different from her own. Don’t be subject to the “CEO effect”! Put your back into finding out what people really think, and consider all alternatives before promoting your own views. 

·        A leader must connect with his followers. It is when people feel emotionally connected to you, and you to them, that you all can move forward together to achieve your common goals. This doesn’t mean getting sloppy or too personal, but it does mean maintaining genuine interest in and compassion for everyone in your organization – even the people you don’t like. 

·        A leader must study themself. Many of us, in our western culture with its focus on achievement, are moving too fast and hard to stop to think much about ourselves. Yet it is our own hangups, internal roadblocks, and emotional quirks that will trip us up as leaders, unless we pay attention.



Retirement Information

If you are planning on retirement and need assistance please call us.  My cell number is 714 206-2931.

Attached are important documents you may need.  They are what I use when assisting our members with retirement.

FERS Retirement sf3107

Life Insurance SF2818

Pre Retirement Worksheet

PS1216-Current Mailing Address

SF2801 Civil Service


W-4 Tax Withholdings
In order to have things flow easier you should send in retirement papers as soon as possible.

In order to complete the process it is important to have all of the document you need.  Below is a suggestion of document you need.

Pre Retirement Worksheet
Street Address & City:________________________________________________________
Phone Number:  ________________________________________________________
Date of Birth:________________________________________________________
Social Security Number:_____________________________________________
EIN Number: ________________________________________________________
Copy of Retirement Estimate: ____________________________________________
Copy of DD 214 if you are a Veteran:  __________________
Copy of Marriage License if married: ___________________________
Spouse Name:________________________________________________________
Spouse Street Address & City:________________________________________________________
Spouse Date of Birth:________________________________________________________
Spouse Social Security Number:_____________________________________________
Spouse Phone Number: _________________________________________
Divorce Court Papers if you are divorce: __________________________
Dates of all Federal Employment Time:____________________________
Dates of Military Time: ____________________________________
OWCP Case Number(s): ____________________________________________
Retirement Date: Should be last three days of month for FERS.
Retirement Date: Should be first three days of the month for CSRS employees.
Annual leave:  Maximum Carry over is 440 hours.
Direct Deposit Information:
Credit Union or Bank Name _______________________
Credit Union or Bank Address _______________________
Credit Union or Bank Phone Number _______________________
Routing Number _______________________________
Account Number ______________________________
Life Insurance Decision: Life Insurance is Tern insurance and expenses as we get older.  Most people take the basis which you pay for until 65 years old and then it decreases by 75%.
Do you have Option A______ Option B ______    Option C _______
Health Plan will carry over and should not be dropped.
Survivors benefits:________________________________________________________
Do you have Federal Dental and Vision Care? _______________________
Do you have Federal Long Term Care Insurance? _______________
Dates of all Federal Employment and was it covers by FERs or Civil Service? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Service Computation Date _________________________________
Many of the Retirement Forms are on line.
HR Shared Service Center (HRSSC) – Contact Information   – Be sure to download your OPF.
HRSSC Operation: Monday – Friday,
1-877-477-3273, Option 5
1-877-477-3273, option 1
Please have Employee Identification Number and USPS PIN available.
PO Box 970400
Greensboro NC
PO Box 970500
Greensboro, NC