2019 National APWU Election

Members of the APWU Retirees Department who pay thirty-six dollars ($36.00) per annum and retired as members of the APWU-represented bargaining unit, shall be eligible to vote for the three (3) APWU General Officers: President, Executive Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer, and three (3) resident department officers: Legislative/Political Director, Human Relations Director, and APWU Health Plan Director, Retirees Department Director, and Retiree National Convention
Delegate for the region he or she will represent will be elected from that region.

Western Region Retirees will be voting for officers for all eight (8) positions listed in the National APWU Constitution.
1.  President,
2.  Executive Vice President,
3.  Secretary-Treasurer,
4.  Legislative/Political Director,
5.  Human Relations Director,
6.  APWU Health Plan Director,
7.  Retirees Department Director, and
8.  Retiree National Convention Delegate
Ballots will be mailed in mid September of 2019.