Retiree’s 2022 Resolution

Constitution Amendment

Southwest Coastal Area Local, APWU

WHEREAS, as the mothers and fathers of the American Postal Workers Union, retired members are a storehouse of knowledge, battle-tested experience, and wisdom to be utilized as a valuable American Postal Workers Union asset, and

WHEREAS, a majority of American Postal Workers Union Retiree Department members paid dues for decades, and

WHEREAS, calculating some estimated 35,000 Retiree Department members, paying full dues an average of just twenty-five (25) years, equates to close to a million years of full dues-paying members in the American Postal Workers Union history, and

WHEREAS, currently with five (5) elected national retiree delegates to the American Postal Workers Union National Convention, one in each region, the average representative voting strength is 1 for 8,000 members, therefore be it

Resolved, to amend the American Postal Workers Union Constitution & By-Laws Article 6 “Representation” by adding a new Section 6 and changing current Section 6 to Section 7.   New Section 6 to read: Whenever in Article 6, Section 1. there are references to National Conventions, local, state, or regional affiliates, organizations voting strength/representation such provisions will apply to Chartered Local and State Retiree Chapters with the exception that retiree chapters’ voting strength/representation will be one (1) vote for one-hundred (100) members or fraction thereof.

Retiree Department members who do not dwell within the jurisdiction of a Local or State Retiree Chapter shall be afforded the same cited proportionate representation in accordance with Article 6, Section 1. (f).

I hereby certify that I am the President/Secretary/Secretary-Treasurer of the above named APWU Retiree Chapter.  

 Name:  ____Bobby Donelson______________________                           

 Title: ______Chapter President______________________

April Retiree Chapter Meeting

The Southwest Coastal Area local will have it regular January Retiree Chapter Meeting on Wednesday, April 20,2022.  Meeting times is 11 AM to 1PM.  The meeting normally is an hour or so.

Meeting Location is Denny’s located at the corner of Tustin and Lincoln in the city of Orange.  Denny’s1695 E Lincoln Ave, Orange, CA 92865

The Retiree Chapter will cover your breakfast or lunch.

Please RSVP at this e mail address or at 714 206-2931.

Bobby Donelson
Chapter President

Delegates for the 2022 State APWU and National APWU Conventions.

The following will be delegates for the 2022 State APWU and National APWU Conventions.

There are three categories:  
Automatic Delegates: Will Khong, Phil Khong, Desirey Benavides, Garrett Jenkins, Joe Lucero, and David Lugo
Five Additional Funded Delegates: Valounny De La Cruz, Rebena Balisacan, Quynh-Anh Tran, James Taylor, and David Chang
Non-Funded Delegates:  Reggie Rose, Frank Townsend, and Bobby Donelson
The SWCAL Retiree Chapter is also has four delegates:  Walter Lovett, Carrie Zeller, Richard Cantu, and Wilma Arriaga 
Our local will be well represented at the conventions.  Both California State APWU & National APWU Conventions were cancelled in 2020.