April Meeting Times, Date, and Location

The next meeting date for the Southwest Coastal Area Local and Retiree Chapter is Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter Meeting is at 2:00 PM

Southwest Coastal Area Local Executive Board Meeting is at 3:00PM

Southwest Coastal Area Local General Membership Meeting is at 4:00 PM

The meeting location is Southwest Coastal Area Local Union Office 1251 N. Tustin Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807


Notification to OPM if there is death

If a death occurs to an annuitant, a spouse, or survival you can go to the OPM web site and report it on line, go to https://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/ then go down to the report a death link and click on it.

You can also use these attached forms as well.

OPM_Death Notification_Form

sf3104b FERS Retiree Death Benefits

sf-2800 Civil Service Retiree Death Benefit

OPM will require a Death Certificate as well.

Notification is important because you probably will need to change your medical to Self Only.  Your annuity or your spouse annuity will need to be changed.

In addition you will need to notify Social Security  if you or your spouse receives Social Security.

Important OPM Wed Site Section Information

On Line Information for Retirees:


 ·        Services Online

·        Retirement Info Center

·        Cost-of-Living Adjustment

·        Federal Tax Withholding Calculator

·        Phased Retirement

·        Life Events

·        Report of Death

·        Retirement, Health and Life Insurance Publications

·        Benefits Data

·        Report a Missing Payment

·        Strategic Plan for Retirement Services (PDF file) [2.65 MB]

·        Retirement Processing Status (PDF file) [223.37 KB]

·        Agency Audit Monthly Update (PDF file) [202.97 KB]

·        Retirement Statistics