California State APWU Convention Resolutions Summary

Subject: California State APWU Convention – May 19 and 20, 2018

The 2018 California State APWU Convention

The California State Convention only had four resolutions submitted.  They addressed the following issues:

1.  Splitting up the All Craft into individual conferences.  Voted down convention rather stay in the current format.  Its has worked effectively and why fix an issue if there is not a problem.

2.  Allow Retirees Department members vote and voice at convention.  Unanimous vote of approval.

3. Allow Retirees Department Chapters and State Organization the right to submit  resolutions to the National APWU Convention.  Unanimous vote of approval.4.  Compensate the Support Service NBA and Director to be paid as all other NBA’s and Division Directors. Unanimous vote of approval

A personal note, we want to Thank all of the California State APWU Convention Delegates for supporting the Retiree Issues.We sincerely hope everyone will support these issues when they come up for discussion at the 2018 National APWU Convention in Pittsburgh, PA.

 Convention Summary:

The 2018 California State APWU Convention was held over the week-end of May 19 and 20, 2018.

The California State APWU has four so we only have election convention once every four years and the next one is scheduled for 2020.  The other three years the convention is educational in nature.  The delegate had the choice of many subject matters

The day prior to the convention, Friday may 18, 2018, training on advance steward training was held, the California State APWU Executive Board met and the California State Retiree Chapter Executive Board met.

The below officers were present or heard to by zoom.

President Mark Dimondstein (by zoom)

Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy (present)

Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Powell (by zoom)

Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman (by zoom)

Director, Maintenance Division Steven G. Raymer (present)

Director, MVS Division Michael O. Foster (present)

Western Region Coordinator Omar M. Gonzalez (present)

APWU Health Plan Director John Marcotte (present)

Assistant Director, MVS Division Javier Piñeres (present)

 San Francisco Region Clerk Division NBAs, Sonia E. Canchola (present),  Shirley Taylor (present),  James Scoggins (present), and  Chuck Locke (present)

Western Region Maintenance Division NBAs,  Louis M. Kingsley, Jr. (present) and  Jimmie Waldon

Western Region Motor Vehicle Service Division NBA,  Jerome Pittman (present)

**If I missed anyone I apologize, but this is from my memory.

Retiree Convention, Clerk, Maintenance, and Motor Vehicle Break outs, Contract Action Team Presentation, and addressing the four resolutions submitted were addressed on Saturday May 19, 2018.  The convention also heard from the Contract Campaign Committee.

On Sunday the Retiree Convention met,there was retirement training, as well as a legislative update.

This is the second year in a roll we have met in Sacramento and the host local Sacramento Area Local, President Joe Gill, did a great job.

We will meet next year in San Diego.  State Convention is always the week end prior to Memorial Holiday week-end.

It is always a pleasure to be at the California State APWU Convention because it is nice to see steward, members, and officers from around the state.  Thank you California State APWU President Mike Evans.

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